Garden State Kendo Tournament, Union City NJ, April 18th 2015

Granite State Kendo Club is based in Londonderry NH and it was founded by Kevin C. Dobroth (picture - center) and Kevin Fritschy (picture-left) in August 2014 with emphasis on training in:

Ittō-ryū (一刀流 meaning "one-sword school") the two handed use of a long sword

Nitō Ichi (二刀一 meaning "two swords as one") the simultaneous use of a long and short sword.


Kevin C. Dobroth, Founder, Head Sensei rank of Sandan (20 years of training)

Kevin M. Fritschy, Founder, Assistant Sensei rank of Nidan (10 years of training)

Marius Zainea, Webmaster, rank of Ikkyū (2 years of training)

In picture above, from left to right: Kevin Fritschy (2-dan), Kevin Dobroth (3-dan), Rick Pires (1-dan), Joseph Ford, Marius Zainea (1-kyu) [Picture taken Jan 7th 2017]

Our club's banner.