Shinai maintenance

The shinai is the main gear piece in Kendo and Kendo practice. A bad shinai is the most probable cause for accidents hence it requires regular maintenance and extensive checks on a regular basis (before, during and after practice). Below there are two links to some good resources we found on the Internet about this topic:

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Marius @GSKC

Extended practice schedule is posted

Hello everyone!

To help our current and future members plan their time in a more optimal manner, we just posted the schedule for our Kendo practice until the end of October 2016. There are lot of opportunities within this time frame to sharpen your Kendo skills! Please join us!

Checkout the Workshops section or our website for details!

See you at the dojo!


Website launch!

Hello everyone!

After a long wait, our website is finally up and running! We will take care of minor tweaks along the way - continuous improvement - so bear with us.

Meanwhile, please join any of our Kendo practice sessions every Saturday from 10:30a to 12p. We strive to keep a strict schedule. If you are a first time visitor please call ahead or email us to let us know you're coming.

Did I mention that the first introductory session is on us?

Stay warm!


Your friends at Granite State Kendo Club.